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Animal Communication Testimonials
 "Almost every aspect of this communication is uncannily correct, I am very impressed as this is so accurate and would have been unknown to most people" Mrs B - Devon, England
"Tina did a reading with my horse - I found her comments to be unbelievably accurate regarding the details to do with my horse. It was nice to be able to communicate with my horse through Tina, particularly being able to ask questions.  I was also fortunate enough to overhear a reading for my friends horse, whom I know reasonably well. Again, the character assessment from just seeing a photo, as well as the comments made, were all incredibly accurate.
I highly recommend Tina for horse readings and I wouldn't hesitate to use her again."     Miss R - Wellington, New Zealand
"Tina Budd came and did readings on two of our ponies last week – we can’t recommend this experience enough!  Tina knew nothing about our ponies, but she certainly found out.  It was an opportunity to hear what our friends without voices had to say, and also to confirm if they had any physical aches or pains.  It was an amazing insight into both our ponies.  What came out confirmed so much, but also told us so much we didn’t know.  If you’ve always wondered how your best friend is really feeling, or why they do what they do, then this is a MUST!"  Mrs F - Pauatahanui, Wellington NZ

"Amazing Day felt totally emotionally drained by the end of it. Totally eye opening. How a horses up bringing/breaking in can alter there whole path in life, cruelty and abuse to such a young one ruins there whole future and those people that did this to him should be ashamed. Tina you are incredible and words can't explain the gratitude i feel for what you have made me see with "Snow" or shall we say "Star" now. We now have a plan forward to try and help him learn to trust more and be the special horse he really is. Thank you." Mrs S - Pauatahanui, Wellington, NZ

Mrs P made contact and asked that I meet her two horses, whilst trying to arrange it one of her horses had a bad fall in the field, the vet came and told her that she thought he had broken his pelvis and would have to go to Massey University for treatment, the owner was devastated. I spoke with her horse, he told me what he'd done and that nothing was broken, he was badly bruised and wouldn't need to go away but would need a lot of box rest. Several hours after I emailed the owner this. 4 hours later she text to say the vet had revisited and reassessed him, the diagnosis had changed to nothing broken but severe bruising, and a months box rest needed. So pleased for horse and owner and especially happy with my communication :))) Mrs P from Te Horo was also very pleased

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the AMAZING communication you did with my pony :) instantly I've seen changes in him and managed to change my attitude towards some things to get the best out of him :) It was an amazing amazing experience, and can genuinely say it has been one of the highlights of owning him for almost 2 years. It gave me confidence and I can't wait to take him out in the upcoming season :)" - Miss F, Ohariu Valley, Wellington, NZ

"I would like to tell my tale about my cat Silk, he is 10yrs old and has NEVER strayed from home, he comes to call like a dog. Tina has been helping with some health issues, so was already in touch with him (I live in England and she has never met him) One Friday I didnt see him - most unusual. We searched everywhere including fields. I contacted Tina and told her that he had not been home for 2 days. She told me that he was well and was feeling much better and was out enjoying the sunshine. She told him to go home and told me that he would be back within 2-3 hours. This message was at 6.30am UK time, at 8.30am he returned home - how amazing is that? Thank you so much Tina - you are one special person xxxx" Mrs L, Tavistock, Devon, UK

Psychic Reading Testimonials
"I only wanted a reading to take the micky and you were so accurate you creeped me out. Great fun though."         Mr W,  Devon, England
 "Tina is an outstanding medium bringing excellent proof of survival from loved one's in the spirit world. I have seen Tina work many times as well as having the privilege to work with her. I would recommend Tina to any church or centre"                                                                                                            Sonia Clatworthy Guiding Light Spiritual Centre, Dawlish, Devon, England.
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