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Do you ever wish you could talk to your pet?
Do you ever wish you could help your pet?
Well I can help you. I am an animal communicator, Pet psychic & healer.  I have worked in the UK, NZ and Australia.
Through either a photograph or a personal visit I can tune into and talk with your animals.
I can tell you how they feel and also indicate any illnesses or injuries and offer Healing (vets advice should always be sought in serious cases)
Although I specialise in horses I have worked with Cats, Dogs and even a sheep!
I also do human psychic readings in person or via email
Want a human psychic party? Organise a night in and I will come along and do mini readings for you and your guests.
All readings can be done via email by sending me a photo of yourself or your animal.
For more information or to book a communication please email me at Email: 
Tel: 0211665365 or via contact form
I look forward to hearing from you
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